From left: Drew Goddard, Josh Brolin and Ryan Reyonlds

Goddard has been known for his superhero creation and he has already created Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ for Netflix.

According to Hollywood Reporter fox has hired Drew Goddard, who has written Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ for Netflix and also an Oscar nomini for The Martian, to write and direct X-Force, an X-Men spin-off. The Spin-off will feature two of the most anticipated characters of Marvel universe Deadpool and Cable.

The feature include the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Simon Kinberg the man behind X-Men franchise for the studio and Lauren Shulder Donner.

X-Force was a co creation of Rob Liefeld, best known for his co creation of Deadpool. The X-Force was originally launched back in 1990s, the spin-off is about New Mutants.

The New Mutant team is led by Cable, against the mutant heroes and team include character such as Shatterstar, Domino and Feral.

Cable and Domino are being introduced in Deadpool 2, which opens June 1, 2018, and features Josh Brolin as Cable.

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Reynolds and Brolin both are expected to start in the X-Force and both are considered to be important characters for the movie.

Director/writer Goddard has worked previously on Superhero projects, one of his main work was having created Marvel’s Daredevil for Netflix. He was also involved in the Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six but the project was then eventually dropped because of studio’s future plan.

Fox has made a great decision by hiring Goddard now all we have to it wait for the movie to come out.



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