When The Big Show broke into the scene of WWE about a decade ago, no professional wrestler at that time was quite build like him. The Big Show was and still is a combination of power house and height with 7-feet tall and over 500.

Things has changed now a days a lot because The Big Show has lost a lot of weight, he is still recognizable by his height and face but the guy has a freaking 6 pack now. Amazing!

‪With my trainer Dodd. We're training for 'Mania — hope you are too, @Shaq. #CountingTheWeeks

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To achieve this amazing transformation The Big Show has teamed up with celebrity trainer Dodd Romero. Romero has been known for working with A-list celebrities Denzel Washington and Alex Rodriquez. The Big Show went through series of activities like swimming, cycling, and weight training.

@Shaq! Karaoke? Doughnuts? You better get serious. All roads lead to #WrestleMania. The only giant!

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Recently The Big Show has talked about his transformation in interview to WWE.com,

“It was definitely a conscious decision. You don’t make the transformation I’ve made without a serious commitment to changing 40 years of improper diet and improper training. I wanted to make a change, and I was given the time and opportunity to make a change, so I took advantage of it. I’ve worked a hard schedule for 22 years. Five days a week, 200-plus days a year on the road. With that time off, it was a chance for me to re-evaluate what I want to do with my future, what I want to do with myself, and really take this challenge on and see if I could make a change.”

The best part about this whole transformation is that he dropped 60 pounds, but he still a big due and to covert his old weight into muscles is just amazing.

Hey @Shaq…glad your training!! Because so am I! #GiantAbs #WrestleMania

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Some more from The Big Show about his new routine, via WWE.com

“Right now, mostly, everything I count on is high-rep. I’m not trying to build muscle right now, I’m trying to keep my metabolism up, keep my tendons strong, keep my joints good, and cut a lot of fat.

“We’ll get to the muscle-building end of it once I get my body fat down to where I want it to be. … Those who weight-train know what I’m talking about. Lower reps with heavier weight will be more for building muscle. Right now we’re just trying to burn it up and keep it high-energy so the fat doesn’t have a chance to stick and grow.”

The man was once dubbed the “world’s largest athlete,” so this sure is one drastic change.



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