Wonder Woman is the symbol of women’s strength. She is an icon for feminine empowerment and women getting things done like anyone.

But if you watch closely, Wonder Woman has been much more than just a symbol of strength. In comics, she is portrayed as kind and compassionate as well. She fights for the justice and she fights for what is right, even if it is against all odds.

The wait is almost over for the fans of DC Comics all around the world. The movie is releasing on June 2 and there’s too much hype about the movie already.

Gal Gadot is performing the role of Diana Prince. Diana Prince will be the first female superhero to be in her own solo movie. This is being regarded as an important milestone for the entertainment industry and fans are all but excited for it as well.

We will be showing how the Wonder Woman is inspiring us all and how people are expressing themselves on the internet.

Suiting up like Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s classic pose: arms crossed with a determined look on the face. The fans wanted something that would allow them to be just like Wonder Woman, with empowering poses and much more.

Wonder Woman team has launched an amazing app Gauntlet Creator, which allows the fans recreate the popular pose of Wonder Woman with cuffs. It also allows them to share the photos online.

A new generation being inspired

Warner Bros. Picture and Google Made with Code have teamed up together for something spectacular and unique. They are starting a coding project in which young teenage girls will participate and will be taught introductory coding techniques. These techniques will be used to recreate various scenes from the upcoming movie.

Wonder Woman Snapchat Game

The marketing team of the movie, Sticky Studios, in collaboration with Snapchat has developed a 16-bit game, Rise of the Warrior. The game will give you childhood memories of retro gaming consoles, and you can enjoy the game on your smartphones.

Wonder WomenWonder Woman Snapchat Filter

Not only the game, Snapchat has come up with Wonder Woman filter on their app. Now you will be able to transform yourself in the powerful character of Princess Diana.

So, there you go! Internet is literally drooling over Wonder Woman and anxiously waiting for the movie to be released on June 2. We can’t wait either, to be honest.

Getting too restless? Watch the trailer of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman again.

Featured Image : Warner Bros. PICTURES



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