Now that is something, it seems like the Slim Shady can do anything. The Rap God singer Eminem has produced a battle rap film called Bodied, which according to source will be screen at Toronto International Film Festival.

TIFF describes Bodied as a “satirical exploration of the world’s most artistically brutal sport—battle rapping.”

For Brutal I guess we will have to wait and see the whole movie, The trailer is just a verbal showdown between two rappers “Megaton” and “MC Goggles,” a nerdy white kid who thought who can handle the heat.

Some of the lyrics are brutal but I still prefer the showdown from 8 Mile.

The movie has a famous music video director Joseph Kahn, who has worked with Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, U2 and, also Eminem.

The trailer of the movie looks promising I guess we have to wait for the movie to come out.



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