Iranian-born Instagram model Uldoz Wallace, is on top of list of Instagram booty queens, Uldoz is a social media sensation across different platforms.

The fantasic thing about her is that not only she is involved in modeling activities, but her acting skills which makes her even more popular among social media.

She started her Hollywood acting career by doing small roles, but it was her YouTube channel that has gotten her the most attention. Most of her work included comedy sketches on YouTube, one of her famous video is “When You’re Trying To Stop A Guy From Looking At Another Girl’s BOOTY,” which received 90,000 likes in a matter of minutes.

Apart from being good looking and a raunchy sense of humor, Uldoz is very talented and is fluent in many languages such as Farsi, Swedish, English and French and holds a masters in Marketing and Advertising.

Back In Mexico, Cause I Love Mexico & My Mexicans ❤️ You Love Me?

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A recent interview to Maxim, she revealed how one can successfully slide into her DMs, and how to kill in the bedroom.

When asked about her type of man, “By being funny, not cocky”, she said. So by chance if you want to approach her make sure you have some good jokes under your sleeve.

She revealed that “Guys have no game in the DMs, even celebrities. Say something supportive and funny instead of being a creeper. Don’t send di*k pics!”

Frankly speaking it’s not the way to treat any lady by sending her di*k pics.

When asked about her favorite part of body, no surprise there “My booty. I got small tits so that’s all I got. Hey, at least I’m all natural…” She added.

We can’t disagree with that

It turns out her ideal date is not that expensive either, she said “My ideal date would be with The Rock, just kidding. Somewhere warm on the beach, getting massages and drinking.”

And one thing not to forget she likes men that are in control, so guys need to up your game if you are going after this Iranian beauty.



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