After the exciting news about Grand Theft Auto 6 in production, it turns out that it was all a bit of confusion after when Tim Neff’s CV emerged online.

In Tim’s CV who has featured in Grand Theft Auto V as well. When NeoGAF user chadskin spotted that the actor has listed Grant Theft Auto 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on his CV.

Grand Theft Auto 6

However, the actor has confirmed via his twitter account that the CV found the website is incorrect and not even his. He explained on PCGamesN that he doesn’t even have an account on Breakdown Express.

“That isn’t my page, account or resume. I don’t even know that website. I worked on GTA 5 a long time ago and haven’t done anything since.”

Considering the success which Grand Theft Auto 5 had since its release it is highly unlikely that that Motion Capture will not make another GTA game, however we have to wait a bit long than expect for new GTA to come out.

Featured Image Credit RockStar



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