No love was lost between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor during the ring last night in Las Vegas. And even if it was a high-profile match, there was one Titanic moment during the fight which you might have missed.

Lot of money was made in this match but so were the memes.

This fight between the two heavy weights, Mayweather and McGregor was also of titanic proportions. It was just like a Hollywood Movie.

Therefore, it was only fitting that the two boxers took their chances on the pay per view screen and replicated a little romantic moment from a historic movie.

One still has captured the hearts and imagination of Boxing and MMA fans on Twitter. There were quite a few Leonardo Di Caprio fans who joined in. The comparisons were simply hilarious.

Just check out the moment guys. It definitely reminds you of a scene from Titanic.

The comparisons just won’t stop.

It was quite natural to see the tensions rising between Mayweather and McGregor before the fight. In fact, this continued for some months prior to the fight with both waging verbal warfare on each other.

Things reached a climax when Conor was spotted by Twitter at weigh-ins at the T-Mobile Arena, indicating just how excited he was about the super fight.

There was even a mind-boggling prediction by a member of Twitterati.

So much so, 50 Cent got involved as well. Here is what he said on the Instagram.

What the fuck is going on. 👀 ok Floyd just knock this fool out. #50centralbet

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

Well, the fight itself was pretty intense with Floyd Mayweather keeping his unbeaten record intact. In fact, it was his 50th fight in which he remained unbeaten.

The match could have easily ended in knockout but it wasn’t to be. It rather ended in technical knockout.

Floyd Mayweather has announced his retirement from professional boxing as well. That being said, we are sure that you must have this Titanic moment between the two pro athletes.

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