Film industry is gaining access to more and more countries and with that access they are gaining huge sums of profits. Hollywood is full with movies, who has earned millions of pounds and more in counting.

But the earning is not limited to movies, because of these success most of the Hollywood starts are earning hefty amounts for their roles in big budget movies.

Same happen in the case of Gal Gadot‘s salary for her work in Wonder Woman. Wonder Women passed the 100 million earning mark in its first weekend, however Gal Gadot reportedly earned just £236,000 for her role as the DC Universe character.

Wonder Women
Credit Warner Bros

Only £236,000, which is around $300,000 it might sound a good amount but in blockbuster movies terms, that is literally pocket money. Now if you compare that to British actor Henry Cavill best known for his role as Superman, who earned an astonishing sum of £11 million for Man of Steel.

Yes! That is right £11 million for Man of Steel. This is beyond ridiculous if you look at the current success of Wonder Women at box office. Gal Gadot might get large bonuses if the film reaches certain box office benchmarks. But She has to wait for that because it takes time.

Credit Getty Images

Latest report by Variety, claims that Gadot has an agreement that she would receive around £236,000 for each DC movies she appear. Which now seems to be a fair deal if you think about it because DC has big plans and with passage of time and new DC movies her pay check can only rise consider the success Wonder Women had on box office.

Chris Evans the Captain America star, who was also in similar situation as Gadot, where he was earning less compare to his Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr. made as much as £39 million.

Every person has different pay brackets according to their experience, talent and work but the gap between Cavill and Gadot is beyond imagination consider how good they both are in their profession.

That being said we can’t wait for Wonder Woman 2 We are positive that Gadot is in line to earn a hell of a lot more than £236,000.



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