A recent survey by online dating app Clover has revealed that Snapchat is officially more popular than picture sharing site Instagram amongst young singles. Well that may be because Snapchat filters are more fun to use and they don’t have strict restriction of free the nipple pictures.

And Yes off course the most popular thing how can we not talk about it is the reason sending nudes that disappear forever after a few second.

According to the survey data, which was analyzed data gather from 3 million users that Snapchat is the choice for singles aged 18-34, with 55 percent preferring the app to Instagram. That’s an impressive number to be honest.



However, for age above 35+ it’s the opposite people who are or above that age group prefer Instagram over Snapchat.


The interesting thing about this survey was that people who prefer Snapchat over Instagram are the ones who are looking for long-term relationships.

On the other hand, Instagram followers are looking for a onetime thing, below is a comparison between both singles of their respective interests:


I can’t figure out the relationship between these but let’s accept it the numbers tell the truth.

We can’t deny the report that young single love spending time on Snapchat, how about let’s do a study of our own by comparing some of the sexiest snaps?

Exhibit A: Snapchat.

Wow that’s amazing surely Snap deserve a 10/10.

Exhibit B: Instagram


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Speechless, well I will give Instagram a 10/10 as well for me both apps are equal.



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