Mia Kang, the sexy Sports Illustrated model wants to be a professional Muay Thai brawler and is ready to throw herself in the care.


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By already establishing herself as the top swimsuit model Mia Kang, achieved which all other models dreamed off by appearing in the pages of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue. Other than that her careers achievements include modelling for Vogue, and working for a modelling agency owned by US president The Donald – Trump Models.

Mia is ready for next challenge in her life, by becoming a MMA fighter. She trained for Muay Thai fighting for almost six months and recently winning by TKO by 3rd round, according her on Instagram

Round 3 TKO via vicious assault

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In an interview with The MMA Hour, she said:

“I just wanted to go to Thailand and be in the sun, Muay Thai and living in a training camp and going through all that, it taught me to respect my body. It brought me out of everything I was going through”.

Mia is now training hard in wrestling and jiu-jitsu, the brawling beauty is being represented by leading MMA agent, Malki Kawa, who is also representing some very big names in MMA by the likes of UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

Prettiest fighter you ever will see. @si_swimsuit by @ruvenafanador 👊💥

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Mia, newfound love and passion for MMA isn’t going to end her modeling career, in-fact it is only making her even more confident and motivated.

In a recent interview to Vogue she told

“I’ve been told everything from you need to straighten your hair and smile with your eyes wider to seem more Caucasian, It drove me insane after so many years and I just woke up and was like ‘Why am I trying to be something that I’m not?’

“Why do you get to tell me what is and isn’t beautiful?'”

Warrior. By @antoineverglas 💣

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@si_swimsuit 2017 shot by @ruvenafanador

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Sunshine goddess 💛 by @antoineverglas

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