Back in 2012, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE was the tune and it was everywhere, it reached everyone and I mean everyone. It broke the shackles of Korean music charts, audience around the globe were addicted to it. Dance-floors were nothing without the silly moves and request.

The video of the song went on to become the most viewed clip on video sharing platform YouTube. And it went on to be the one for almost five years. Sadly every good things comes to end eventually.

The figure of 2.894 billion views has been taken over by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s video for ‘See You Again’. As Mashable reports that the song has current views of 2.895 billion on YouTube. The song was originally released as part of Furious 7 soundtrack and used as a tribute to Paul Walker.

However, Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ will soon take over its position as the song has already racked up 2.483 billion views since its release in January 2017. That is some numbers in such a short time compare to other two videos.

Congrats to Wiz and Charlie on getting that top spot on YouTube but it can be taken very soon as now a days getting a video viral is not that difficult compare to few years ago. After all its internet anyone can be famous.



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