Train to Busan

Zombie movies can be a risk to watch. They are either too good or just not worth it. But Train to Busan, though underrated, is an excellent movie and worth watching. It’s a must watch surely.

Movies like Shaun of The Dead are all time classics but this Korean movie has awoken everyone from their zombie-like slumber after being added on Netflix.

If to give a summary about this movie, it is a high-speed rail thriller with the added action of zombies. But let’s give you some details. This movie is about a divorced workaholic fund manager who takes his daughter to visit her mother when a zombie attack begins (rings bell about a video game? Hint! Hint!)

Then there some usual, not so out-of-the-box activity such as plague, panic, lockdown and a man crying out ‘all dead, everyone is dead’.

So, the film begins with the father getting mad at his daughter when she gives up her seat for an elderly woman. The father was quite angry and tells his daughter that she needs to take care of herself rather than helping out people at random.

The witty daughter replies, “You only care about yourself, that’s why Mum left.” This theme was repeated throughout the course of the movie.

Then come the zombies. They are moving from carriage to carriage as the drama adds up. The number of zombies keeps on increasing on the train.

Zombies are shown as fast movers in this movie (definitely out-of-the-box thinking!) but for some odd reason they become static if a coat is thrown over them. This helps out the people sneaking out and get away from them.

After being released on Netflix, viewers had their say about this flick too.


So, Train to Busan is a movie worth on your watch list. As said earlier, it is an excellent underrated movie on zombies. It’s a very good time pass with high-speed and thrilling moments. You might want to watch this Netflix gem even tonight.

Check out the trailer here!

Credit: Zero Media/ Train to Brusan




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