It has been more than three years since our favorite show How I Met Your Mother came to an end. And looks like it the fans will rejoice again since Fox executives are looking at the possible option of getting a spin-off for the show.

In the past there were few ideas about a show spin-offs, like the one we had called How I Met You Father, the show even had a script but it was scrapped eventually because of other commitment by the creators. The main reason behind was the busy schedule of co-executive production duo Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger for the show This is Us.

Dana Walden chairman of Fox told Deadline “the studio will try (developing a spinoff) with different writers,” because the unavailability of Aptaker and Berger. Lucky for us for it will be fresh idea for the new show as she said “They will be starting from scratch It’s one that’s been slowly cooked. If it’s the right idea the right execution, we’ll take that,”

We don’t know how they are going to fix things since the finale of the show where most of the fans were demanding a new ending to it.

How I Met Your Mother
Credit CBS

I guess Walden might have taken that in consideration and giving the fan what they want, it might not be a new finale episode but could be a reunion show.

She said: “We’ve been in business with so many of these creators for such a long time and these shows are so long running, and they’ve had the opportunity through streaming services to be introduced to an entirely new generation of viewers.

“That does feel like an event, reuniting characters from a very long-running show.

“I would say How I Met Your Mother, one of the greatest shows ever in our library at the studio, at some point I would hope we would have the opportunity to reunite those characters and tell a new story if [show creators] Craig [Thomas] and Carter [Bays] had the desire to do that.”

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