Elle Johnson, taking the #FreeTheCleavage movement to a new level on Instagram, when Spirit Airlines kicked off a passenger for showing too much cleavage on board.

The Instagram babe has been banned few times for posting too much, and we are not talking the pics off course. The cruel mods didn’t showed any mercy and they were quick to react after she posted anything too revealing. And she not even bother to show her anger on Twitter

Elle Johnson, originally from Utah was not the first time banned from Instagram due to a ‘violation of community guidelines’.

It will now be the third since her account has been blocked before that she was banned in January and after it was reported to Instagram and later in April.

She has been dubbed as “Too hot to handle” by Maxim.

In one of her Interviews to MailOnline Elle described the Instagram’s Community Guidelines as strict as they tell members that they “don’t allow nudity.”

‘It’s weird but the guidelines don’t allow only “some photos of female nipples.” So some nipples are okay and others aren’t? She said

She might be banned on Instagram for now but we still have her Twitter account so let’s just check these sexy snaps from her Twitter account



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