Injustice: Gods Among Us was one of the most popular game not only among fighting game community but also with DC Comic fans, Warner Bros with developer NetherRealm have produced even more appealing and excellent sequel, Injustice 2.

Just like Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 follow the same path of giving DC fans a dark alternate universe where the mighty Justice League has fallen apart. Many superheroes the likes of Superman and Batman has returned and they will be fighting to the death.

The story picks up from the last installment of the game, where Batman is trying to rebuild society after taking down the Superman. The story tell us about Brainiac getting into the action as well. The new story-line also opens up possibilities for introduction of new character to join the current rosters. So let’s get started with the Injustice 2 roaster starting with the recently revealed first set of DLC fighters!

First Round of DLC characters with a bit of Surprise

It seems like the roster for Injustice 2 is done and dusted at this point, however, it doesn’t means it is completed. NetherRealm, released the above video showing the first round of DLC characters which will be available for download, as part of the Ultimate Edition or can be purchased via season pass. These first three DLC characters will join the rest of Injustice 2 cast at some point after launch. The question who are Red Hood, Starfire and Sub-Zero?

Batman’s oldest enemy, Red Hood has returned. He is one of the main archrival and most complex character. He first appeared in 1940 as an alias for the Joker, which later on to be integrated into Alan Moore’s version of Joker’s origin. Consequently, the Red Hood returned in the mid-‘00s, formerly dead Robin, Jason Todd, was killed by the Jokes and when resurrected. He is trying to kill Joker since then, he hasn’t succeeded yet but there is a little doubt that he will quit.









The “New” Teen Starfire first appeared back in the 1980. Kori is a naïve, friendly hero filled with leadership and powerful abilities. Starfire is no longer a teen as she was introduced on the Cartoon Network Series, her toughness, flight and energy projection will be put in to real test in Injustice 2.

Sub Zero

Have to say introduction of Sub-Zero was a surprise, we thought it will be Scorpion again but his inclusion is a good addition to the game. Sub-Zero is just like Scorpion an iconic character of Mortal Kombat series that made NetherRealm famous. The ice cold ninja warrior has appeared in many iconic games, now we will see him in Injustice 2.

The Joker

If I have to pick a character on the basis of how badass it is, it will be Joker. Batman and Joker’s relationship is incomplete without each other, it will be fair to say that without Joker there is no Batman and without Batman there is no Joker wither. The Joker first appeared back in 1940, as nemesis of Batman and has been fan favorite ever since. As the story line goes the Joker caused more problem to Superman than Batman, as he killed Lois Lane (and everyone else in Metropolis) leading Superman to Killer Joker. Seeming back from the dead, Mr.J. is out to entertain us with beating people with crowbars, acid and many more viscous pranks.

The Red hood being in the game it will be interesting to see, how they settle down the Mr.J killing Jason Todd saga.


Cyborg became a victim of tragic accident in which his body was destroyed. He is half-man and half-machine. Just like other he is one of the member of the Justice league. What makes him strong is the experimental tech, which tend to play his humanity part.

Captain Cold

Captain Cold might not be the powerful or super-villain like other DC villains, but he sure is smart and currently one of Flash’s most important and popular villains. Thanks some good writing by Geoff Johns and some good acting by Wentworth Miller, making Captain Cold recognizable enough to be added into Injustice 2 rosters. Cold is out for revenge on heroes because they executed his super-villain sister, Cisco will be unpleased also.

Black Adam

Black Adam was revealed in Shattered Alliance trailer of the game, Black Adman is considered to be one of the most powerful antihero in modern age. Black Adam can easily challenge Superman with his powers. As the trailer portray Supergilr and Black Adman both are evenly matched. The Black Adman’s character, can only become bigger after Injustice 2 as The Rock has agreed to play him in an upcoming film.


The newest member on the Injustice 2 roster is Firestorm. Just like Captain Cold, Firestorm too was a popular and important part of Flash T.V series. The game trailer of Firestorm revealed that he is powered by the same dangerous Matrix and has similar scientific control over all non-organic elements.

Green Arrow and Green Lantern

The trailer above shown the return of Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen and they both are ready to super-battlefield. Oliver Queen followed Black Canary and formed an alliance with Batman and Harley Quinn, whereas Hal Jordan is out to prove himself of beaten the rage of the Red Lanterns.

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate, probably one of the most famous occult hero in DC comic, and has been around for 22 years longer, than Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Unlike Strange, Doctor Fate has his powers from dominating presence of mystic master Nabur in the helmet. Fate responsibilities include work for the Lords of Order to battle chaos with his Cloak of Destiny, Amulet of Anubis, and the Helmet of Fate. He a member of Justice Society and his addition to the Injustice 2 itself a big welcome by comic fan community.

Catwoman and Cheetah

Selina Kyle, has always been frenemies with Batman since, 1940. She has always been massive figure in Batman’s life ever since Crisis reboot of the ‘80s. Batman and Catwoman’s moral codes always contradict with each other’s. Yet they both come together in order to stop the bad. She was a late addition to first Injustice game as DLC, thankfully she has a regular start in Injustice 2.

Then we have Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s most consistent nemeses. Cheetah appeared back in 1943, in Wonder Women Comic for the first time. She has no match for Wonder Women in term of strength and toughness, but she is sharp and has remarkable speed, which makes the difference, when both come face to face.

Swamp Thing

Alec Holland had a hard life, even afterlife wasn’t pleasing for him, in-fact it became even worse when he transformed into a walking pile of moss. Swamp Thing is arguably one of the most famous and weird heroes, Swam Thing is one of the Earth’s greatest defenders, the fact that he hasn’t been in too many DC video games itself is welcome move by DC comic fans.

Black Canary

Black Canary has been around since 1947, being incredibly skilled fighter and leader, Black Canary has been a solid team member of Justice League back in 1968. She worked on both street level crime and against intergalactic threats with Justice League. Her signature move is Canary Cry, which is on full display in her first gameplay above. Her tumultuous relationship with Green Arrow, will be highlight of the game and it will be interesting to find out, how this works out for both in Injustice 2.


Looks like Man of Steel is going to come up against his super computer nemesis in Injustice universe as well. The Krytonian supercomputer has come to cause destruction at Injustice universe, he looks like the top kind of villain and his armor is full of surprises, just like it has been demonstrated in above game play footage.


When it comes to ultimate evil in DC Universe, there basically no match to the most powerful super villain Darkseid. Darkseid, is work of comic book legend Jack Kirby, the Satan of new God is so powerfully that even whole Justice League likely couldn’t stop him. Darkseid has been cast as the main villain in the story line of Injustice 2, however his role has been limited. Darkseid is available with a preorder bonus with the game.


Injustice 2, will see inclusion of another iconic character The Boy Wonder. Robin has been supporting Batman since 1940, But the question was always be, which Robin it is going to be in the game? Is it the original Robin, Dick Grayson now known as Nightwing, or Jason Todd? The Robing from the 90s Tim Drake? Or the most recent Bruce Wayne’s son, Damien? Those questions were answered, when the official footage of the game was released. We can see that Robin chatting with Batman about being his biological son.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is one of the most popular member of DC comic villain family. She has been around for more than 50 years. Her full control over plant and poisonous attacks would be hard act to handle by the likes of Supergirl and Wonder Women.

Red Lantern Atrocitus


Atrocitus runs on hate and is fueled by rage, and all that hare and range are directed at Green Lanterns. Atrocitus leads the Red Lantern Corps throughout the galaxy in the DC universe, and his fellow in crime is a Red Lantern Dex-Starr, the deadliest cat in DC universe.

Gorilla Grodd


This Talking ape is Simian mastermind, with his telepathic powers he can control your mind and you would do unwillingly his dirty work for him. Gorilla Grodd has been a big hit since debuting on The Flash TV series putting that into account and his uncounted battles with Justice League, he makes a perfect fit for Injustice 2.

With returning characters like, Bane, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, The Flash and Superman makes Injustice 2 a power house of fighting game. And we can assure you that in the coming days expect for DLC to be released.



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