It will be fair to say that Grand Theft Auto is probably one of the best gaming series ever created by Rockstar. GTA is of the most successful video game and it has sold more than 10 million copies to gamers all around the globe. The popularity behind the games success is its controversial content, which is famous among adults and kids as well (kids who goes behind their parents back to buy this game). We cannot deny the fact that GTA has been a bit of part of our gaming lives. And it is a big achievement for any game.

However, it doesn’t stop there for GTA V, and it has found its way to become even bigger in the online multiplayer community as well. After few failed attempts the online gaming mode for GTA V has established itself with some of the other games like COD and Battlefield. The fascinating fact is that the GTA V is year old and yet it is still among the top ten bestselling games.

Recently GTA V has got a new update which include a new Battle Royale mode that’s basically Rockstar’s take on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

‘Smuggler’s Run’ is the latest and the largest update for GTA V online. The mode include new vehicles and new costume options for online characters. But along with this free update you also get a new multiplayer mode called ‘Motor Wars’.

Rockstar Games describe the new mode as

“Blending the adrenaline rush of Drop Zone with the claustrophobic tension of a match of Penned In, this brutal Adversary Mode is a deadly scavenger hunt where second place is not an option. Up to four teams parachute into a periodically shrinking kill box strewn with a lethal assortment of guns, explosives and Weaponized Vehicles. Work together, find a vehicle, and fight opposing teams and the shrinking map to survive and win.”

GTA V′s Smugglers Run update for Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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