Hellboy fans got to see the actor from ‘Stranger Things’ playing the role in the upcoming reboot. The Hellboy character was originally played by Ron Perlman.

David Harbour as Hellboy, we got see first picture of him when a photo of the actor was shared on Twitter last Wednesday.

And the Hellboy fans reaction was astonishing, Harbour the actor from ‘Strange Things’ got completely ripped for the role.

“Holy crap #Hellboy #FirstLook,” the film’s Twitter account posted with the photo.

Harbour posted another photo of himself in character, writing “Please allow to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…”

Daniel Dae Kim also announced on the same day as he would be playing the role of Major Ben Daimio, after Ed Skrein stepping aside from the role. In further news the production has begun on the same day on the announcement of Daniel Dae’s appointment.

Hellboy, was originally played by the enormous wise cracking actor Ron Perlman, on which we cannot argue that the Hellboy character was specifically made for Perlman.

Perlman also appreciated and gave his green signal to Harbour on Twitter.

“Good luck kid! Signed, the Babe,” Perlman posted with a picture of the three.




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