It’s the start of a fresh year, the best time to reflect and look into the future. For those who have a responsibility of taking the business ahead and keep it at the top of the game, it’s the best time to review the strategies and initiatives of the past year, and for searching what new techniques can be used for marketing scene for the coming twelve months.

The good news is for digital marketers, the setting for 2018 is set up with some exciting opportunities, and additionally, there are some other crucially important changes on the horizon that needs to be catered into your plan for the upcoming year.

So keeping all this in mind, we have put up five of what we consider are the best digital marketing strategy New Year resolutions for 2018.

What strategies you should focus on your digital marketing strategy list in 2018?

Resolution No.1 – Emphasis On Mobile

Google’s big search index divided into two. Desktop and mobile results were divided into two different versions, one focused only on the mobile search and the other only for the desktop. The mobile version was updated on a regular scale ass compared to the other version, just to make the user experience of mobile audience better and better. With the separate indexes, there is no space for sites that transform between desktop and mobile versions. Responsive content and design are also the important factors for a mobile device as part of the digital marketing strategy and it can’t be highlighted enough.

Resolution No. 2 – Take Benefit Of Local Marketing Opportunities

Remember this that if you are running a local business, your potential customers are always in a search for services or products offered by you. They can easily locate you through Google maps on their mobile phones and it takes just one call to get the directions. Taking benefit of local marketing opportunities is one of the best and easiest ways to get more traffic and potential customers.

Resolution No.3 – Try Google Local Pack Advertising

Continuing from the resolution 2, another technique to get your business featured in local pack listings is to go down the paid route with the Google Adwords local pack campaign. You can work on it as its functional in the UK.

Resolution No. 4 – Go Live

You want to make your new product popular and not only popular you want people to buy it – a few good photo shoots and text content is all you need. Upload it to Facebook and YouTube and wish for clicks. You might think it will work, but not anymore. Live videos worked well in 2017 and we are certain they will do wonders in 2018.  According to research, they were watched more than three times longer than average films. Live videos are considered, to be honest, and credible. This is exactly what customers expect from a brand or an organisation. Make use of the live streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

Resolution No.5 – Be Emotional

People are more prone to making decisions based on their emotions – even when we would like to believe the opposite. Make use of this point in 2018. Give your service a product or story. The users will engage and watch a small story rather than the picture of your products and facts related to it. This is a great way of engaging with your potential customers. Give your services or products an emotional touch this year.

So here you have our top picks of what we believe will be trending in 2018 for digital marketing strategy.

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