Sexy Model Wants To Be A Professional MMA Fighter

Mia Kang, the sexy Sports Illustrated model wants to be a professional Muay Thai brawler and is ready to throw herself in the care. By already establishing herself as the top swimsuit...
floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Had Something to Say on Conor McGregor’s ‘Extremely Dirty’ Punching Style

The war of words continues between the two boxers. In fact, if the upcoming match was a verbal one, surely Conor McGregor would have beaten Floyd Mayweather because the Irish UFC...

Top Hilarious Cricket Memes That Will Make Your Day

Cricket is a gentleman game, but these meme tell us something else
Titanic moment

The Titanic Moment You Might Have Missed in Mayweather and McGregor Fight

No love was lost between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor during the ring last night in Las Vegas. And even if it was a high-profile match, there was one Titanic moment...