Tiger Woods

10 of the most Hilarious mugshot memes of Tiger Woods

Drink driving is never a good, not only you end up hurting yourself but others around you as well.  DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. Just recently...

A Swimsuit Model Went Swimming With Sharks for A Photo Shoot and Went Horribly...

A German Model name Mareen is a frequent travel blogger, and goes by Miss Everywhere on Instagram and her website, misseverywhere.com. Just recently she posted a letter...
Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife

Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife In 15+ Comics

When it comes showing loves towards your wife, every husband has their unique style same goes to Yehuda Adi Devir a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator. Yehuda is...

Japanese Women Walking in Pigeon Shoes and its Freaking People Out

Seems like it Pigeons are getting a lot of interest from people now a days. Earlier this week there was news about a Pigeon...
Rock Theme

Groom walks down the aisle to Famous WWE the Rock’s Theme Music

When it comes to wedding most of the times, it’s the Bride who is in charge of all the things, after all it’s their...
Kid 1

Why Kids can’t be left Alone with Their Dads? We Give you 15 Reasons

Parenting is not always easy as it seems. Me myself being father to a beautiful baby daughter can relate to this. However, these dads...
Homing Pigeon

Police Official Have Caught Pigeon Carrying 200 Ecstasy Pills

Homing Pigeon also knows as 'rats of the sky', deserve far more credit for their abilities. Back in the days telephone or post didn’t...
Pet Shamming

Top 10 Pics of Pets being Shamed for Their Crimes

Owner has been asked to post online pic of their pets at Bored Panda. The name of the activity was Pet-Shaming pics. Here are some...

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