In today’s social media world everyone wants to get something viral and be famous. Some get that opportunity but they fade into background before making attempts to get the limelight back, But Danielle Bregoli however, is a different case.

The girl took the world by storm in her famous interview with Dr Phil, where she was not so complimentary about her mother, and where she gave us the ultimate slang on the year ‘Cash Me Ousside’.

Since then she has never looked back and she went on to cash on her fame, that includes appearing in music videos and going on tours. However, most recently she has plan to change her career and become a rap artist.

This time she is not messing around as she is deadly serious about it, and she has already made a progress where TMZ acquiring a snippet of her first song ‘These Heaux’. And it’s not hard to understand by Heaux she means hoes.

The song is about Bregoli and her life, it goes like this

“Water, water drippin,’ come take a peek, you in trailer hoe, but you can’t compete,”

“These hoes be lackin’, see me in back and … they talk all this shit but don’t say it in person,”

There is no stopping to this girl, the way she took the TV by storm we are not surprise that her song will be a hit.



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