“I have taken a step back”

With time every trends changes not every long ago today’s celebrity or model to avoid stream line would just not carry a cell phone. But now in this digital world of social media many models and celebrity relay on smartphone devices to run their empires.

Bella Hadid is one those smartphone models, she has around 14.2 million Instagram followers. Bella is sister of Gigi and she followed the footsteps of her sister and became globally successful via Instagram modeling.

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Time to time Bella would post sizzling pics of bikini shots, however, the model told in a recent interview that she has changed her approach to social media.

She told The Guardian  “In the beginning, I was very trusting,” she says. “Now I have taken a step back. So, I post things that are personal, but not too personal, things that still have that kind of look into my life … but I guess I should hold off. I don’t know. It’s a very weird subject. You kind of feel it’s over-exposing sometimes. I guess there shouldn’t be that many people looking at one person constantly.”


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She than revealed her worst social media fear “when you really get into the news. That is not a place I like to be”.

Well we agree with her on this as a small news can become a headline, if she has decided that not letting her personal life involved in this the whole image thing, but she also insisted that there is no big plans that she will use that everyone has.

“My Instagram is just like your Instagram,” she says. “If I look cute then my friends are going to take a photo, but it’s not contrived or planned.”

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