The Blockbuster hit Avatar sequel is going to be a glasses free 3D director James Cameron has hinted.  Avatar in 2009 broke all sorts of record, The film still stands as the highest grossing movie of all-time and it is considered one of the finest product of modern CGI technologies.

The reason behind its success was James Cameron the man who is regarded as one the most talented and innovative filmmaker in Hollywood. Cameron has been responsible for some of the biggest Hollywood hit and classic, like Terminator, Aline and Titanic, Cameron does know how to make a movie and leaving his legacy behind a project.

James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, has agreed to work with Christie Digital Systems, both these companies work on ground breaking technologies in terms future of immersive cinema experiences. Cameron was delighted working and extending his relationship with Christie Digital Systems and he has shown that in a recent statement;

“To push the boundary of digital cinema, one needs visionary, like-minded collaborators and that description fits Christie to a tee, given its long cinema heritage and impressive list of industry ‘firsts’ in the projection and visual display realms. Several years ago we began our relationship, which has worked well, so I’m pleased to be forging ahead again with Christie at my side.”

The Inquisitr reported about the ground breaking technology which will be used in the Avatar sequel according to the Inquisitr “use of state-of-the-art technology and VFX to capture the underwater world and shoot fluidic scenes under the guidance of James Cameron along with the collaboration from Twentieth Century Fox”.

Credit 20th Century Fox

We don’t have any doubts on Cameron’s ability as a talented filmmaker, as he helped revolutionized the concept of 3D in film with the first Avatar. But doing it again without the need of 3D glasses for the sequel sounds hypothetically and excited because if he can pull it off, it will be one of the greater achievement and by far the most beneficial advancement in film industry from a film fan point of view.

People like me with glasses will at least don’t have to wear those ridiculous 3D glasses on top my regular glasses.

Featured Image Credit 20th Century Fox



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