A sad news for the fans indeed. Adam West, the star of 1960s Batman TV show and mayor of Family Guy, has died at the age of 88.

While he will always be remembered for his Batman role, he was also seen in a cameo role in one of the greatest ever episodes of Simpsons. He performed a notable role in a TV show, Family Guy, in which he was a mayor and played a memorable role.

Once the news of the demise of the legendary actor came out, Hollywood has reacted with tributes and last words for Adam West.

With a charismatic personality and a unique voice tone, he will be sorely missed and people in Hollywood also feel the same.

Co-stars, fans and fellow Batmen have paid their tributes and respects following the sad news of his death on Twitter.

Rest in peace Adam West. You will always be remembered.

Featured Image Credits: Inverse



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