The long debate for Game of Thrones junkies like myself would be who is the best stark on the show? Some will say that it’s Sansa and some will go on the Jon Snow train but, he doesn’t count because he is not even a stark.  The fact she has grown from a small girl to an acting Queen of the North says all about the character.

If we check some of the Stark family history tells us the character itself for example.

  • Sansa’s father Ned was too soft and which got him killed in the first place and his death has brought all sorts of misery to his children.
  • Bran has a weird character and his side of the story has not been explained properly.
  • Rob was just like Ned too soft for a king.
  • Rickon’s death was not a shock but his character was not going anywhere.
  • Arya has also grown just like her sister a strong and independent girl who wants revenge.

And then it’s Sansa, she is becoming a badass queen we all hoped for and as she said in the latest episode that she has learned few thing from Cersei Lannister. Sophie Turner the actress who is playing the role of Sansa is just like her character from the show, from a small girl to a grown beautiful women.

However, Sophie and Sansa both are just too beautiful to be bad ass on and off the show.

Nortiness ensues

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Sophie Turner for Marie Claire UK #sophieturner #sansastark #gameofthrones #hbo

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What did you think of the newest episode?

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"Your name will disappear." @sophiet poses with #Ramsay at the @wbpictures #SDCC booth. #WBSDCC #GoTSDCC

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#SophieTurner at the Met Gala tonight!

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Post-Emmys Pout-off 👍#tbt

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The Queen in The North ❤️ #sophieturner #sansastark #gameofthrones #hbo

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